Mio Cibo means “my food’ in Italian. Our blog is dedicated to eating and cooking and celebrating our food lives. Originally the inspiration was to focus on Italian culinary tradition, Lucini Italia products and healthful living. Since, topics have swerved all over the cultural food map, from chocolate to new research about the health benefits of olive oil.

Join us. Share recipes. Ask questions. Send comments.


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  1. I am a senior on a fixed income. Friends say I spend too much of my budget on organic food replacing other recreational options. With the health problems I have I believe that good quality food is not a luxury. Doctors agree that that I am in excellent shape considering my many disabilities but are reluctant to attribute it to my diet. Last night I put Lucini olive oil in my spaghetti water. I put grated parmesan cheese and some more olive oil in the bowl, added the spaghetti and then tossed. It was a delicious satisfying meal and my glucose level after dinner was in a very acceptable range.

  2. “Mio Cibo means “my food’ in Italian”

    But no Italian would ever say it that way!

  3. Agreed! We would never have used that name if this site held Italian language content … Hope you like our recipes!!

  4. Well, now that I’ve explored a little, I’ve some mixed feelings. Still LOVE the look of your site and find it really pleasurable just to browse through it. Something about the whole feel of it I can’t explain. But until I read this “About” page, I was becoming quite put off by all the Lucini products listed as ingredients, without any suggestion for replacements for those of us on a limited budget. My usual reaction when I feel pressured to buy something is to turn off to it entirely, so I was developing a distaste for Lucini AND your site. So glad I read this page before leaving. Now I understand that it was the intention of this site to present these products, so all is forgiven and I’ve happily tagged several of your recipes for testing (where I thought I could figure out any necessary replacements)! Thank you again for a very pleasant hour. I’ll be back but got to go check on the grandbaby now. Your site almost made me forget all about her!Ciao (sp?)

  5. Hi Cheryl.

    I hope that I describe all of the products well enough that you can find replacements, if necessary. The idea here is to show off the wonderful flavors and versatility of Lucini products – so the recipes are developed and tested with those flavors. If you have any specific questions about replacements – or find succesful replacements yourself – I hope you post them on the site!

  6. I recently read articles about a tablespoon of olive oil being extremely healthy for many reasons. I bought a 500ml bottle of Lucini Premium Select extra virgin olive oil off of the ShopRite shelf, probably not the best idea. I’m going to be drinking this 1 tbsp a day. The problem for me is that I have never tasted olive oil and would not know if the bottle I have was made within a 2 year span because the olive oil bottle has no birth certificate. How can I get a hold of a fairly fresh bottle without booking a flight? Hand-Picked, gives me arthritis just thinking about how many olives it takes to fill this bottle.

  7. Jean Cortese

    Can you provide nutitional information for your recipes ? (protein/fat, etc)

  8. My mother and I just enjoyed an amazing lunch of the new pouch Marinara sauce. It is truly one of the best sauces we have ever eaten and are thrilled that it contains no sugar. We have traveled through Italy extensively and are quite impressed with the flavor and quality of your products. We look forward to trying more of your products soon. Keep up the great work. Grazie mille!!!!
    Christina Lamberti

  9. I noticed you soups have 770 mg sodium, more than 25% of the MDR for adults over 65. I hope you will try to reduce the sodium content in these products. Your sauces have less salt, and are delicious. So many soups have too much salt, and many brands with reduced salt do not have your contents. Am looking forward to rying the cinque as it is low sodium!
    Thanks, MCR

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