We have some great folks providing us awesome information. We thought you might like to learn a bit about them:

EricWerner1: Working and living in New York, Eric fills his days working for a non-profit while spending his nights listening to music and dreaming up menus. Don’t let his academic prowess fool you. He is a fan of all good things high and low fidelity. He’s the guy who always knows the best beer on the menu and the best dumpling place in Chinatown.

Valmrman: A mother and writer – and most importantly a lover of all things Italian – Erin has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout Italy. She’s your gal if you need to know the detailed nuances between Ligurian and Calabrian cuisine.

GwenKenCook: A California girl who loves to entertain. She has turned her passion for food and people into a thriving catering company that cooks for everyone from Hollywood A-listers to couples looking for a memorable date night. Check out Back To the Kitchen and say hello to Gwen from us here.


2 responses to “Contributors

  1. I know you both are great cooks with super recipes, but I did something very simple and, to my taste, really delicious. I baked fresh Florida snapper drizzled with Lucini basil-infused olive oil and topped with ground walnuts. Pesto-like and so easy!

  2. Hi! I just made my way here via a brisket recommendation from one of your readers left on the Food Network. So glad I did! I haven’t checked out your recipes yet, but I really love the look of your site. So clean, fresh & classy, I already feel like I’m sitting at the table of one of the better high-end restaurants. Can’t wait to taste the fare! Thanks for what I’m sure will be truly delectible eats and treats. Off now to explore…

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