Olive Oil Preserved Mushrooms

I love pickled mushrooms of all kinds, but find this recipe works well with wild mushrooms (I find them at farmers’ markets or specialty stores like Whole Foods).  The recipe is incredibly easy – just bringing your liquids and mushrooms to a boil then covering them with a great olive oil.  The only hard part is waiting a month for the finished product!



Sterilize picking jar or jars sufficient to hold your mushrooms (usually 2 pint jars).  Clean the mushrooms well, removing any blemished or woody sections.  Cut any musrooms that will not fit easily into the jars whole.

Heat the scallion, vinegar and wine in a large saucepan – as it reaches a boil, add the mushrooms, salt and garlic.  Boil for 3 minutes then quickly drain well in a colander.

Pack the mushrooms in to your sterilized jars and cover with the olive oils (do not forget the infused oil!) so that there is no air left in the jar.  Cover and store in a dark, cool spot for 4-9 weeks.


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