Burgeoning Balsamic Cocktails

Perhaps the change in the weather, the hope of “green shoots” sprouting in the economy or an over abundance of sweet drinks I have become intrigued by “savory” cocktails. Some of the tastiest feature balsamic.  In my own experimentation I found that the quality of the vinegar really needed to be “top-shelf” to avoid a bad acid taste. With the ever changing menu it is hard to know what will be available when you visit but one of my favorite NYC experimental bar menus is a WD-50.

Since many of these featured cocktails in bars include fruit you might want to do your own tests with some fruit-infused balsamics.

Here is a simple recipe to get you started:

1.5 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin or Vodka
6 diced strawberries (need to be ripe with flavor)
1/4 oz of Lucini 10-Year Gran Balsamico
Drizzle of sugar syrup to taste
Twist of lime (or basil)

1. Muddle the chopped strawberries and dump into shaker
2. Add the other ingredients and ice, shake vigorously.
3. Double strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh crushed ice.
4. Add garnish


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