Fasting Italian-style

Fat Tuesday is upon us – the culmination of two full weeks of eating, drinking and decadence. And while many of us no longer follow the traditional religious rites of Lent, Wednesday signals the start of forty days of abstinence for those who do – no meat, fish, or animal products.

In Italy, quaresima is very much a part of modern tradition. Italians figured out long ago that fasting doesn’t mean ‘not eating’, it just means enjoying culinary delights that follow traditional quaresima guidelines: penne smothered in Lucini’s rich tomato-basil sauce or a mouth-watering plate of spaghetti paired with Lucini’s tomato-caper sauce.

pasta e fagioli

pasta e fagioli

Chilly nights call for heartier fare: pasta e fagioli – the perfect pairing of pasta with slow-cooked beans. Add a fresh-baked baguette drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, a fresh baby-greens salad and tangy oranges to create the perfect Lenten meal. The tantalizing combinations are endless! Too bad Lent is only forty days…..


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