Worried about your health? Use olive oil!

Extra-virgin olive oil has been receiving lots of press for awhile now. According to the Mayo Clinic and others, the monounsaturated fat it contains has the ability to reduce the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol – the ‘bad’ cholesterol. This fact and the associated health benefits are the most talked about and have received the most press. As little as two tablespoons a day can do the trick as incredible as it seems. And that’s only the start!

In 2005, Dr. Gary Beauchamp and his team identified an extraordinary compound in extra-virgin olive oil  – oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is similar to the anti-inflammatory substance found in ibuprofen. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease in much the same way as low dose aspirin and ibuprofen. Take a sip of Lucini extra-virgin olive oil and you’ll recognize the strong, stinging sensation at the back of your throat – almost like an aspirin, but better tasting, right? It’s this unique tongue-tingling sensation that led researchers to the discovery of oleocanthal.  It’s also what olive oil experts and graders look for when evaluating oil; the stronger the stinging, the better the oil.

In these stress-filled times, the risk of serious health problems increases exponentially. Eating right goes a long way in preventing problems such as heart disease and LDL cholesterol elevation. Follow the example of the longevity prototypes – the Sardinians from the Italian island of Sardinia – eat Med!


One response to “Worried about your health? Use olive oil!

  1. I haven’t ever used olive oil for cooking but I think its time to go for it. Thanks.

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